Business Strategy

Elliott Opportunity II Corp.

Our business strategy is to identify and complete a business combination that creates long-term value for our shareholders. We believe our investment team’s prior experience and track record of investing in public and private companies, along with our rigorous fundamental approach, will enable us to successfully identify and execute an initial business combination. We will leverage Elliott’s extensive network of relationships, ranging from senior management teams at public and private companies to investment partners and advisors, to assist in the identification of potential targets for the initial business combination. 

We believe our management team will be able to execute on our business strategy by leveraging Elliott’s core competencies, including the following: 

  • Sourcing capabilities: Given alignment with the Funds, we have direct access to Elliott’s global investment resources, which focus on developing proprietary investment opportunities. Our opportunity targeting is further enhanced by Elliott’s domain expertise in the technology sector, as Elliott has either invested in potential targets (either in the private or public markets), invested in direct competitors of potential targets or operated within potential targets through its operating executive network of consultants. Our management team has a relationship network built through our public investing activities as well as our private equity activities, which serves as a unique cross-section for deal sourcing. Given that a number of Elliott’s value-creation engagements at public companies have resulted in public-to-private opportunities for other private equity firms, our management team has strong private equity relationships. In addition, given Elliott’s flexible capital deployment mandate, Elliott has helped finance a number of other firms’ private equity transactions, which also has strengthened relationships in the private equity community. Finally, through Elliott’s Menlo Park, CA office and technology private equity team, Elliott has developed a number of important relationships with leading growth equity firms, venture capital firms, and relevant intermediaries across the industry from which we expect to benefit. 
  • Fundamental analysis: We believe that Elliott’s professionals possess the skills, resources and experience to both identify and create value. Elliott’s investment team, which includes our management team, has more than 100 years of cumulative experience investing in and working with technology companies, and Elliott’s network of operating executives have more than 150 years’ experience cumulatively operating technology businesses. These executives also possess, cumulatively, decades of experience advising private equity firms and their portfolio companies. The investment team and operating executives spend significant time conducting primary due diligence as part of Elliott’s research process, and these professionals engage directly with portfolio companies to help identify and execute on valuation creation levers. 
  • Strong public shareholding stewardship: Elliott’s history in public equity investing demonstrates its long-term value creation mindset. Elliott drives change in many of the public companies in which it invests, and the application of this capability and mindset should help drive performance post-business combination. Furthermore, our management’s experience in the public markets developed at Elliott will be a key selling point to potential targets that have various exit choices, as our management has a demonstrable track record creating value through Elliott’s public and private equity teams. 
  • Expertise in technology: Both Elliott’s public equity and private equity teams have operational and investment experience in technology and technology-enabled services businesses, which our management team believes gives us a differentiated view in sourcing investments and evaluating investment opportunities. This experience allows us to partner with management teams to drive shareholder value through strategic, growth-enhancing initiatives and other operational changes.