About Elliott Investment Management

Elliott Investment Management L.P. (together with its advisory affiliates, “Elliott”) is a global investment management firm that manages approximately $46 billion in assets as of April 1, 2021. 

Launched in 1977

Launched in 1977 by Paul Singer, Elliott’s domestic fund is one of the oldest funds of its kind under continuous management. Elliott employs 470 people worldwide as of April 1, 2021, with nearly half dedicated to identifying and managing investments, trading and research. The six most senior investment professionals have an average of 30 years of investment experience and an average tenure of 25 years at Elliott. One of the key elements of Elliott’s investment approach is its focus on the creation—not just identification—of value.

Technology Investments

Elliott has invested across a range of industries with a demonstrated aptitude for technology investments. Elliott’s technology team includes private equity and public equity investment professionals, and works alongside an experienced team of operating executives and other consultants. Elliott’s private equity team has closed more than $80 billion in technology and technology-enabled services private equity transactions in their careers across approximately 30 platform companies and approximately 30 add-on acquisitions. Elliott has built relationships with operating executives and other consultants, including six technology operating executives who have extensive technology experience with more than 150 years of cumulative leadership and operational roles in technology companies. These executives also possess, cumulatively, decades of experience advising private equity firms and their portfolio companies. Additionally, Elliott’s public equity team has invested in more than 85 public technology, media or telecommunications companies. As one of the largest, most recognized and engaged investors, Elliott has extensive experience collaborating with management teams and boards of public companies to create value.

Elliott Opportunity II Corp. expects to benefit from Elliott’s long history of investing in both public and private companies in the technology space, which has contributed to Elliott’s knowledge of the sector and a broad set of relationships, including with private equity sponsors, industry executives and board members, operating executives, bankers, and other advisors that it leverages to help source deals, conduct extensive due diligence on investment opportunities and work with companies to enhance value. Elliott’s network of relationships in the technology sector is unique and provides a distinct competitive advantage in completing an investment. 

Elliott Opportunity II Corp.

Elliott Opportunity II Corp. is a portfolio investment indirectly owned by Elliott’s domestic fund and international fund (together, the “Funds”), which have provided all of the risk capital to fund its launch. As such, it will have access to Elliott’s platform of team members, deal prospects, and network, along with any necessary resources to aid in our identification, diligence, and operational support of a target for the initial business combination. Elliott’s professionals are required to dedicate substantially all of their business time to the affairs of Elliott and its affiliates. As a portfolio investment of the Funds, Elliott Opportunity II Corp. expects it will receive substantial time and support from the Elliott platform.